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Private Session

$60.00 (45 Minute Session)

$200.00 (4x 45 Minute Sessions)

$450.00 (10x 45 Minute Sessions)

Private Intro Pack

$180.00 (Free Assessment with Three 45 Minute Sessions)





Through Phoenix Multisport, Per Ignem CrossFit is introducing its personal trainer, apprenticeship program. The sole purpose of this process is to help integrate individuals recovering from substance use disorders with members of our community. This specialized program, which offers team members an opportunity to acquire nationally accredited certifications, is available to individuals who are committed to the Phoenix Multisport mission and have actively expressed interest in becoming a certified trainer.

What makes Per Ignem Personal Training special is its unique ability to establish and maintain positive relationships throughout the community. Our intention is to influence the progressive cycle of addiction which exists in our culture by eliminating the stigmas which inaccurately represent the recovery community.  Each candidate invited to join the apprenticeship program has been carefully selected based on the following characteristics: the ability to consistently demonstrate adherence to the Team Member Agreement, frequent presence as a team member and volunteer, humility, altruism, empathy, dedication, level-headedness, and reliability.  It is our goal to help these members replace their identities as addicts and alcoholics with that of sober athletes and mentors.

From a personal training perspective, we are here to help you build a new quality of living.  For individuals looking to invest in their own personal fitness program, our qualified personal trainers will guide you through a personalized program geared towards the development of specific, measurable and attainable fitness goals while ensuring each target is met in a timely manner. It is our belief that effectiveness lies in prioritizing movements which are most likely to create proficiency among a variety of skills. In order to optimize the services we provide, we rely upon nutritional planning, mental preparation, and detailed movement instruction to enhance overall health, wellness, and fitness, and to maximize your potential as an athlete.