Coach Bio

I remember the first night I walked into our Champa Street location very well. It was a Wednesday night, and boxing class was in full swing. I stood at the door, in awe of all the people so involved in the class. Heavy bags being hit, mitts being worked, people laughing, and some so focused and immersed in the determination to work a bit harder than the week prior. At that moment I knew I had found another big piece to the puzzle in my life of sobriety. It did not take long for me to get involved in a lot of the classes Phoenix has to offer and figure out how I could give back. What started as cleaning and facility maintenance led with time to assist coaching, then to coaching, and finally to a full time job, a position for which I’m very grateful.

I truly believe Phoenix Multisport and Per Ignem CrossFit is a place for people to put aside or drop all of the negative stigmas or labels society – or even they themselves – have put on themselves while in the grips of their addiction. Phoenix gives them the opportunity to redefine who they really are and what they are truly capable of achieving. What I love most about Phoenix is seeing a new person come in on their first night – shy, reserved, without much confidence – and make a connection with the community, and as the weeks pass, seeing them walk through the door a bit taller each time, regaining lost self-worth and confidence. I’m a big advocate and believer in the small achievements we make on a regular basis with this community. Our values are internalized and have a positive effect on our lives outside of Phoenix. This has a big place in my heart, because I too have a story that includes many years of bad alcohol and drug abuse that led me down a road I didn’t know I’d make it back from. To have the privilege to be alive today and be another set of helping hands to help others recover from a hopeless state of mind and body is a true blessing.

Now that I’ve been established for a few years, my time now consists of running multiple programs, focusing on and investing in the community, and helping people grow beyond their current capacity – as was done for me when I first walked through the door. It’s incredible to see our community grow by the day, week, month, and year. If you’re reading this and haven’t been to a Phoenix event, I highly encourage you to come in, join the community, and experience the fun we always have!



CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate

International Kettlebell Lifting Instructor, Level 1