Per Ignem CrossFit is a charitable affiliate which encourages a sustainable way of life reinforced by dynamic recreation. With this intention, it is our vision to save lives through fitness.  No longer is it about striving for peak physical condition, but rather intentionally pursuing a higher standard of living. It is about bringing vitality to the community, helping others to succeed, and making a difference in the lives of our peers.  Included with each membership, athletes receive hands on, personalized coaching, full access to each of our affiliates nationwide, and all proceeds are used to support The Phoenix with its mission to foster a safe, supportive, and active environment for individuals recovering from substance use disorders and who choose to live a sober life.

Using the CrossFit modality as our foundation, we have created a community environment which promotes physical and emotional betterment through safe, accessible, and reliable programming.  In alignment with our core values, our objective is to revitalize community wellness, and to help individuals with a variety of skills to build a full, meaningful, and well-rounded lifestyle.  Much of our success derives from the development of social interaction and community engagement which inspires motivation and optimal athletic performance.  Established through quality relationships, direct customer focus, and program ingenuity, Per Ignem CrossFit is here to make a difference.  Join us today as we rise to the occasion and bring fitness to life one rep at a time.