Week of April 23-28

This week is a testing week for us.  We will start Monday off with an aerobic conditioning test.  While these days are not the most fun, they are important to a well rounded base of fitness.  Attendance on these days is low, but we will not avoid programming because they are so important.  I encourage you all to grab your headphones and fanny packs, get in the gym and record a time against which we can track your progress!

Tuesday brings us a classic benchmark couplet.  With this we are testing your work capacity between a moderate weight olympic lift and a gymnastics movement.  With a pulling and pushing movement there is little muscular interference so the intensity remains high!!!!  

Wednesday we test a mid time range benchmark with multiple movements.  The time makes this a combination of aerobic and aneraobic work and the pure chaos of this WOD is always fun.

Thursday brings a test of overhead stamina at a moderate to heavy load.  The weights increase as the workout goes on and challenges you mentally as a result!  

Finally on Friday we will test maxes in an upper body and lower body lift!!!  The day you have all been waiting for lol.  

Each day this week is important and I hope to see you all each day.  Please log all your scores in SugarWOD and congratulate others in the community.  Supporting one another daily is important to lasting success and continued progress.  


-Only coaches should ever be behind the desk.  If you need something from behind the desk please ask a staff member to help you.  

-Please do your best to be on time for class. I don’t want to start burpee penalties or anything like that.  I’m sincerely happy to see each and every one of you each day.  However,  it is not fair to others that get there on time to have to wait for you.  The warm up is important and not optional.  It makes sure you are prepared to workout and lowers your risk of injury.  It is also allows the coaches time to assess your movement that day allowing us to start planning how we may need to adjust the workout for you to get the most out of it.  None of us are above practicing any of the movements we encounter in CrossFit.  Warm up, work hard in the drills we put you through no matter your experience level, bring it for the workout, cool down as a class, high five and go home knowing you gave your all for that 1 hour!!!

-Nobody should be putting gear away until the last person finishes the workout.  Cheer for others, encourage them, and be aware that you cleaning up your stuff can make someone struggling feel not so great. 

-Integrity is doing the right thing when you think no one is looking.  Count your reps accurately, meet the movement standards, and honestly post your scores.  If for instance on chest to bar pull ups, your chest doesn’t hit the bar, they are not chest to bar pull ups and therefore not RX.  Be fair to those that are doing the workout and respect their efforts by honestly posting your score.  Failing to meet the standards or skipping reps to post a better score than someone is not ok or fair to others that deserve their work to be recognized appropriately.

On a lighter note to end this first blog, we are so proud of all of you and how much improvement we have seen lately.   Let’s keep the momentum going and if you love Per Ignem, tell your friends!  We’ll give them 50% off their first month, then if they sign up for a full membership after that, you will get a month for free!

The Phoenix