April 30- May 5

I am overwhelmed with pride in your efforts last week with some tough tests.  How about those burpees in Filthy Fifty!!!  To all who came and ran the 5k on Monday to start the week, THANK YOU!  I know that isn’t a fun workout for most, it definitely wasn’t fun for me, but it is an important test and an important part of your health and wellness, GREAT JOB.  

This week brings on a few days of a heavy lift with a short conditioning piece afterwards.  Other days will be longer conditioning workouts. The theme for each day and the intent are as follows:

Monday:  Overhead Squats with a 3 second pause!  Yep, I said it!!!  The idea here is to develop your overhead squat and load up for those with good technique.  After the heavy section is done we are going to blast our bodies head to toe with some OHS conditioning!

Tuesday:  Long conditioning fight with some bursts of strength in the form of cleans thrown in.  Your heart will be jumping out of your chest and the challenge is to just keep moving and don’t let yourself rest.  

Wednesday:  Sean Baker’s dream day!!!! Get out the benches and bro out!  We’ll partner up and spot one another to be safe and then hit a nice little conditioning piece after that will be sure to leave you wondering what happened.  The interval nature of this workout is designed to maximize your intensity.

Thursday:  Long EMOM to develop stamina.  You should have about 15-20 seconds of rest each minute.  Some olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio all in one!!!

Friday:  7 rep max back squats!!!  Then once you’re all walking like baby deer we will hit about a 6-8 minute couplet to send you in to your weekend!!!

Saturday:  Partner wod!  Gonna be a test of gutting out some pain, but have fun with the shared suffereing between you and your partner!!!  Should take about 20 min and no team should go beyond 25 min.  Dumbbells, rowers, burpees, and running!!! OH MY!!!!

On another note we will be migrating over to ZenPlanner for our membership management software.  I have used this in the past at other gyms and think you will find it much more functional and easy to use.  Once we get switched over I will ask that you start to RSVP for class as some of our classes are beginning to get crowded.  For safety’s sake and to maintain a proper coach to athlete ratio, classes will be capped at 12 athletes and a couple wait list spots.  

We are also going to add a couple of yoga classes each week in the evening that will be included in your membership if you are unlimited and will count as a separate class if you have a 12x per month membership.  So if you check in for a 6:30PM CrossFit, you will have to use another class check-in for 7:30 PM yoga.  I hope many of you take advantage of these classes to further improve your flexibility and recovery.  Yoga is a great discipline for mental and physical restoration!!! 

Looking forward to seeing you all crush this week!!!!! 


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