May 14th-19th

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our rockstar Moms!!!!  We hope you had an amazing weekend.  There is no way a singular day can possibly be enough to show how much you mean to your families, but hey at least you didn’t have to do any burpees today!!!

Special congratulations to two of our 5:30AM crew, Danny and Erica, who got married this weekend.  I know they have impacted me and helped make the morning class something really special.  All of us at Per Ignem and The Phoenix wish you two years and years of health and happiness on your journey.  We are fortunate to be a part of the ride!

Here is what you can expect to see this week in the gym!  It’s going to be a challenging week as always, but one that will certainly reward you with opportunities to show off your progress!


Starting the week out with a bang!  This long EMOM was recently featured on and is sure to burn off all of the indulgences from the holiday weekend!!!  A little running and gymnastics will do the trick!


This workout has a classic CrossFit feel pairing an olympic lift with a gymnastics movement.  The reps go down each round, but the intensity stays high!  You should be down for the count for a few minutes after this one!


Here we have our “heavy day” from the week with a variation of a conventional deadlift.  The goal here is to hit a new max on this variation and then we will finish the class with some core work.


Thursday brings a mid-length EMOM where the goal is to max out your reps each minute.  There is rest built in to this workout so you veterans know what that means!!!!  This one will burn and features a barbell lift, a gymnastics movement, and a cardio component.  


To finish out the week we have another couplet of a gymnastics movement and a weightlifting movement.  The rep scheme is sadistic and I love it.  10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10.  Oh and you should know there may be a jump rope involved as well....

This is going to be an amazing week and we are here to help you all the way!!!  Our transition over to ZenPlanner is going well and more of you will be asked to set up a new account and resubmit your payment information this week.  If it is possible a voided check and ACH payment would be greatly appreciated as it will save us up to $350 each month in credit card processing fees.  This money can go a long ways to help one of our Phoenix team members on their path to recovery and a healthier life!  

Last thing!!! Tell your friends how much you love Per Ignem! If they join, we will give you a free month for helping us grow our tribe of super fit, amazing people, that will soon dominate the world!  Ok, we’ll start with Denver, but the world is within reach with your help.  Have a great week guys!  Thank you again for allowing us to be part of your lives.  You make coming to work each day an absolute pleasure!


The Phoenix