May 21st-26th

I think I’ll start this week off with saying that I’m not sure I have emotionally recovered from last Monday’s WOD!  So many 400m runs.....This week will start off much different!  We’ll see some more running this week and then next Monday we have Murph in Wash Park starting at 7AM!!!  Can’t wait to see you all get after it and honor our fallen heroes.

Here’s what we will be up to this week:


We are going to start the week going heavy.  All the back squats coming your way!  Move well, get heavy, and most of all have fun!  No huffing and puffing on this one, just some good old fashioned grit and determination to do a little more than you think you can!


This is our long day this week and will be more of a mental challenge than anything.  Bring your running shoes, some mental toughness, and have some fun!  All the cardio coming at ya!


This is an upper body intensive gymnastics workout.  Keep moving and minimize rest and NO BUTTERFLY PULL UPS this time!  We’ll have a little after bash of some accessory pulling movements then call it a day!


This one will burn!!!  Two weighlifting movements, one extremely lightweight and one on the heavier side for most!  Fight to be unbroken on this one and silence that little voice in your head that tells you to stop and rest!


We’ll finish off the work week with some heavy lifting followed by a very short conditioning piece that will have you ready for a couple rest days before MURPH!!!!


Teams of 3 for a little cardio, weighlifting, and a little more cardio.  The work will be shared so you will have time to rest however your team decides is best!  Have fun with this bad boy!

The Phoenix