May 28th-June 2nd

Summer is finally here!!! Congratulations on making it through another winter and hitting all kinds of PR's along the way.  We had an amazing turnout and atmosphere for "Murph."  I'm sure you're feeling it today as much as I am, but please come in and work the soreness away.  It will persist much longer if you don't move! 

Whiler TrainFTW is always programming for GPP (general physical preparedness), you'll notice a slight bias to strength in the program.  This will continue for the next month before setting up another testing cycle and changing the "bias."  Changing the "bias" will drive adaptations and keep the programming fresh!  Here is a look at what to expect this week.

Tuesday:  A very easy EMOM to help us recover from Murph.  The loading should be very doable and focus on good quality movements.  We finish with some core and flexibility work, because lets face it, abs are just awesome!

Wednesday: Front squats!!!! We want to work control throughout the full range of motion on the eccentric phase (lowering) of the lift and force the athlete to stabilize in the bottom of the movement. Loads will be significantly less than your true front squat. Go for quality over the loading. Make sure and hit the prescribed tempo on every rep

Thursday:  Faster athletes will treat this workout as a short burner and complete it in under 8:00. No one should exceed 13:00. The workout has an ascending ladder scheme and will feel "too easy" in the beginning but then start to get nasty quickly. Resist the urge to sprint out of the gates!!!  Or don't and let us all sit back and enjoy the show!

Friday: The end of the work week brings us a really fun partner workout of both the Olympic lifts!!!  This is a lot of work with a moderately loaded barbell. A minimum of consistent singles should be performed throughout the workout.  Focus on your technique and it will keep you efficient and moving smoothly throughout the WOD!!!

Saturday: Long and light chipper on the agenda today where no single element should lead to significant breaks... although toward the end some things may need to be broken up in many small sets. Faster times will be near 20:00. Athletes should modify to all finish in under 30:00.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week.  Please keep logging your scores on SugarWOD and encouraging (guilting) your workout buddies to do the same.  I truly believe that as more of you log on there the atmosphere in the gym gets better and better.  So hop on SugarWOD, leave a comment of support or just give a quick "fistbump."  We are all on this journey together and are stronger together than we could ever be staying in a bubble.  



The Phoenix