May 7th-12th

I hope you all had a great weekend and rested up after a heavy week.  This week will be more about conditioning early in the week and then we will get the barbell out towards the end of the week.  Here is a look at what’s coming your way!!!  It’s going to be a really fun one!


This workout combines some running (short distance!), weightlifting, and gymnastics movements.  Look for the workout to take 10-15 min to complete if scaled appropriately.  The two gymnastics movements are low volume, but higher in skill.  This is a burner, but will require a bit of pacing to get through the gymnastics movements!


Here we have a single round workout with 3 movements, all of which are sure to get the heart and lungs on fire!!!  One of the movements will address symmetry between your left and right arm while putting a high demand on core strength under fatigue.  Take the time during this movement to work on better breathing economy.  This is one of those workouts that looks benign, but will leave you gasping for air!


This workout takes a classic benchmark and splits it in to 3- 8 minute intervals.  It is all bodyweight movements and each round should be an all out sprint!  If you’re doing Murph with us, be sure to come for this workout!


Time to get out the bar and go heavy for time!  This workout is a couplet that most will have to scale.  I’ll provide a time range and intent before class and adjust the load on the bar to complete this appropriately.  The stimulus is the prescription, weights are just a suggestion to elicit the desired response from your body.  That applies to every workout we do, but especially today!


Heavy day!  Time to put some weight overhead! No metcon today as we are going to focus on strength development and finish the day with a core circuit because SUMMER IS COMING!

Can’t wait to see you guys crush another week.  If you have not downloaded the ZenPlanner app on your phone yet, please do.  This is the new membership management software we are going to be using moving forward.  As your memberships come due this month I’ll be setting up your new accounts.  This system is much better and easier for all to use.  Just another way we are working hard to improve your experience at Per Ignem!!!

The Phoenix